Transformer, device that transfers electric energy from one alternating-current circuit to one or more other circuits, either increasing or reducing the voltage. We are the Government approved Electrical contractor in Gujarat and Leading Transformer Manufacturer in Ahmedabad and Transformer Distributors in Gujarat-India.

Authorised Distributor of National Transformer.​

List of National Products are as under :-

  • Power and Distribution upto 15MVA upto 33KV Voltage Class and includes Energy Efficient & Star Rated.
  • LTCT(Tap Wound & Resin Cast)
  • 11KV/33KV Current Transformer (Oil Filled for Outdoor Installation)
  • 11KV/33KV Current Transformer (Resin Cast Dry Type for Indoor Installation)
  • 11KV/33KV CT/PT Combined Unit.
  • 11KV/33KV Pilfer Resistance Metering Cubicle.
  • 11KV/33KV Potential Transformer (Oil Filled Outdoor Installation)
  • 11KV/33KV Potential Transformer(Resin Cast Dry Type for Indoor Installation)
  • 132KV/22KV Current Transformer.
  • 132KV/22KV Potential Transformer.

STANDARDS: IEC 76, ANSI, DIN BS 171, NEPA, IS:2026, IS:1130 or to suit any special technical requiremens of the customer.


VECTOR GROUP: DY11/YD11/DZO or any Vector Group Specified by the Customer.

TAPPING: OFFLOAD/OLTC Complete with RTCC and AVR Panels.