Authorised Distributor of National Transformer.​

List of National Products are as under :-

  • Power and Distribution upto 15MVA upto 33KV Voltage Class and includes Energy Efficient & Star Rated.
  • LTCT(Tap Wound & Resin Cast)
  • 11KV/33KV Current Transformer (Oil Filled for Outdoor Installation)
  • 11KV/33KV Current Transformer (Resin Cast Dry Type for Indoor Installation)
  • 11KV/33KV CT/PT Combined Unit.
  • 11KV/33KV Pilfer Resistance Metering Cubicle.
  • 11KV/33KV Potential Transformer (Oil Filled Outdoor Installation)
  • 11KV/33KV Potential Transformer(Resin Cast Dry Type for Indoor Installation)
  • 132KV/22KV Current Transformer.
  • 132KV/22KV Potential Transformer.

STANDARDS: IEC 76, ANSI, DIN BS 171, NEPA, IS:2026, IS:1130 or to suit any special technical requiremens of the customer.


VECTOR GROUP: DY11/YD11/DZO or any Vector Group Specified by the Customer.

TAPPING: OFFLOAD/OLTC Complete with RTCC and AVR Panels.